Friday, November 10, 2006

Being Green While The Government Pisses About

This blog is about taking on the challenge of living a great life on 1 tonne of CO2 per year... a tenth of the UK average.

Recently, there has been plenty of new and scary information about the usual "how urgently we need to act", but also the unusual revelation of what some of us instinctively knew "it's going to cost us a fortune if we don't act" (i.e. the conclusions of Sir Nicholas Stern's report on climate change for the UK president-elect, Gordon Brown).

But this Brown fellow... he sometimes makes me angry.. and you have to understand... I don't get angry... I did Landmark.

The Brown-Blair government has created 3000 new offences, and Gordon Brown's response to today's acquittal of the BNP leader, on charges of 'incitement to racial hatred', was to suggest that we need to tighten up that law!

12 people cleared him. They concluded that while what he said might be distasteful, it was freedom of speech. I don't like what he stands for, but I will stand for his freedom of speech.

As for Brown's response. Why on earth does this guy consider it appropriate to change the law because of the BNP result, and yet not consider using the same restrictions and authoritarian approaches to climate change?

Rather than banning freedom of speech, the right to protest in Parliament Square, and criminalising anti-social youth's for committing no crime, he could be:
- banning the sale of old fashioned light bulbs in anything other than a specialist lighting shop
- putting his foot down with the building industry to do what is right for our economy... to spend a tiny amount more, eliminating the need for new houses to require a heating system. And.. reducing the living costs of the purchasers.
- Enforcing speed limits! That's a law that does exist... and it's taken as a right to be allowed to speed. We have the technology!

No... it's populist Brown to replace populist Blair ... while the planet burns!

It's time to bring down the government..

... in my humble opinion :O)

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