Monday, November 13, 2006

BBC's Spooks "Aftermath" episode - Spooky

Who would have thought it. The government listen to the advice of their chief scientific adviser, and then decides that rather than tell the public, take radical action and show leadership by demonstrating to the rest of the world that fighting climate change is what every supposedly 'enlightened' society should do, they take the following course of action:
  • Agree with the US that grabbing all the oil is a great idea
  • Get the green lobby off their back by pretending to take action.
  • And.. aim to have the economic might to defend he high ground while the planet burns
Okay.... I've paraphrased a bit.

That's (roughly) the story (I haven't spoiled it for you) of the final Spook's episode, screened on 13th November, which, time and again seems to dare to dramatise the scarily possible. "Aftermath" is the government's secret plan, agreed with the U.S.

It does raise an interesting question though. If our government were pursuing an "Aftermath" policy, would it look exactly like their current policy: invading, or making excuses to invade in the near future, countries with large oil reserves (or a strategic link to oil and gas, in the case of Afghanistan) and making token gestures on the domestic front that have not guaranteed effect on our carbon emissions.

Mmm... don't think too hard!

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